Think Of Yourself As A Leaf

I think a leaf leads an interesting life.

Think of yourself as a leaf.

You start out, growing into a healthy, vibrant and sturdy green leaf. You get your food, drinks, and nurturing. You have a place to live (a tree). You mature and change. It’s when you’re changing that you become more vivid- it’s like you learn how to have fun and party. But just when you’re at your peak, the most exciting time of your life- the reds and oranges and yellows, you are let go of from what you have called home. That’s all fine and dandy as you drift your way about with the wind. Maybe you’ll land somewhere, maybe you’ll get picked up and land elsewhere. You’ll travel places and finally you’ll settle somewhere. That’s when you’ll get all crunchy and old. You may lose your color, your life is being drained from you. Maybe you’ll even be lumped together with others like you. And then eventually you’ll just decompose into the ground, ending your life.

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