Fun Facts From Recent Travels

I’ve done a smattering of traveling lately, and before I launch into my blog’s annual Halloween countdown, I want to share a bit of my ventures on here. In the past few weeks, I’ve traveled back to Savannah as well my first trip to Chicago. In lieu of posting photos from my trips, I am sharing some interesting facts that I learned while away…

– Savannah is second to New Orleans in the country for best quality iron work.

– Savannah is the most haunted city in America, because it has had so many deaths due to so many reasons: hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes (Savannah lies on a fault line), city-wide fires, Yellow Fever, and a number of wars.

– Many homes in Savannah have a blueish turquoise paint called “Haint Paint.” Haint, is a slang term for a haunt. This paint symbolizes a haunted house. However, a red painted door is said to repel ghosts.

– Indigo + lime = natural bug rellant

– Robert E. Lee was born after his mother was brought back from the dead. His mother was rescued from a tomb where she was buried alive from disease that had only knocked her unconscious. At the time, this was becoming common, so people attached a bell to the toe of the person thought to be deceased. If they came out of unconsciousness, the person’s frantic flailing would move the string and the bell would ring. (This later coined the terms, “Dead Ringer” and “Saved By The Bell.”) The bell alerted the graveyard workers (thus the term Graveyard Shift) who would then rescue the body.

– Frank Lloyd Wright invented the double sized bed.

– Frank Lloyd had 5-6 wives/mistresses.

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One Response to Fun Facts From Recent Travels

  1. Mary says:

    Ive visited Savannah on business twice and only had a few hours to wander the city, but would love to go back to explore for a few days. I knew it was said to be the most haunted city and that it had some beautiful iron work, but didn’t know most of your other interesting facts. Thanks for sharing! Next time I’m there, I’ll be looking for the Haint Paint.

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