Pinocchio: The Original Frankenstein’s Monster

Normally, I’ve been doing countdowns ten days prior to Halloween on my blog. However, this year, I’ve been unable to do so, so instead the countdown is being shortened to a week. I wouldn’t miss the countdown to my favorite holiday for the world, so get ready for some awesome Halloween-related posts. Today we start off with a thought about a classic fairy tale.

At the end of story of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet turns into a real, live child. This is supposed to be a miracle, as the puppet’s creator had been wanting to be a father for some time. But when you think about an object coming to life as a living, breathing human, it gets kind of dark, no?

I really wish that Pinocchio was the prequel to the story of Dr. Frankenstein and his created, misguided “monster.” Pinocchio comes to life in a very unnatural way, after he has already supposedly “died.” A being coming to life that wasn’t originally intended to be alive sounds like the recipe for a zombie type horror story to me, no?

Maybe next time you think of the story of Pinocchio, you’ll have second thoughts about if it really ends Happily Ever After…

Halloween Countdown: 1 week!

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2 Responses to Pinocchio: The Original Frankenstein’s Monster

  1. Hannah says:

    Very good point! I’ve never thought of it that way before. Have you ever seen the ballet Coppelia? That’s also about wanting to bring a doll to life.

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