The Greatest Halloween Movie

There are probably more movies out these for Halloween than for any other holiday (except maybe Christmas). Halloween movies however, can fall under the entire horror genre, so when it comes to picking the best one, there’s quite a selection. I am a huge fan of a number of these Halloween-themed flicks, but perhaps the greatest one of all is, “Hocus Pocus.”

Although it would be hard to create convincing enough costumes, if three women were to dress as the three central witches in the movie, the Sanderson Sisters, I would imagine that that would be a fantastic costume choice.

The Sanderson Sisters

Really, if one had a Renaissance type dress, and there were a blonde, brunette, and a redhead, then the start is right there. Next up you need some fantastic hair styling. I don’t think I ever noticed it before, but did you know that none of those witches wear they stereotypical witch hat? Check this out:

Dude, that’s all hair, no hat.

Aside from creating elaborate costumes from the central witches in the film, another great costume inspiration from the film can be found in Billy, the un-dead, zombie type figure:

With last year’s wig from an Edward Scissorhands costume, and a torn up colonial garb, all you need is some patience with face paint, and a crazed look upon your face and it’s a totally doable costume. Besides being doable, it’s more-so an awesome and creative choice.

Because let’s be real here, a great Halloween movie is one thing, but if you can realistically turn the classics into real-life Halloween costumes, well, then you’ve got yourself a gem.

Halloween Countdown: 6 days!


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