My Belief In Ghosts

I suppose my belief in ghosts goes back to when a was a child. I had never experienced any significant deaths or odd happenings, nor did I grow up in a notoriously haunted area. Nay, my belief in the supernatural probably is related to all the ghost movies I watched over and over again that were targeted to kids. A couple of movies I especially loved as a kid that fit the bill come to mind: “Ghostbusters” and “Beetlejuice.”

I was such a big fan of the movie, “Ghostbusters.” I had a ton of toys that were produced from the movie. I had the whole ghost-capturing toy replicas of the equipment the characters used in the movie. I had a number of Ghostbuster action figures, and I even had a Slimer figurine too. But best of all, I had a doll house like replica of the Ghostbusters headquarters building. I got it used from my neighbor, and it already had slimy goo stuck to many of the walls from previous use. The whole thing was great.

Just as fun as it looks!

Like with “Ghostbusters,” the movie “Beetlejuice” was a hit with me, but especially in its cartoon show version. I remember watching the “Beetlejuice” television cartoons religiously when I was growing up. For some reason, it never occurred to me that my obsession with these dark cartoons was abnormal.

But when I look back on my upbringing, it leads me to conclude two main points. Perhaps it is my liberal understanding of the supernatural and un-dead that has led me to my current belief in ghosts. And also, it’s no wonder that Halloween has become my favorite holiday!

Halloween Countdown: 5 days!

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