Easy Halloween Crafts For A Day Indoors

It’s a mere few days before Halloween, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been house-bound all day due to the menacing Hurricane Sandy which has been battling the East coast all day. So what’s a person to do when you’re stuck at home? Why, make some Halloween decorations, of course!

While scouring the pages of the internet, I have seen plenty of complicated Halloween decorations for the more ambitious of those creative minds. But below, I am sharing some actually easy decorations that pretty much anyone can do. The supplies are easy to find and while the skill level is low, the outcome is still pretty fab. No instructions needed, here are a few ideas to get your Halloween kick-started…

These Bert and Ernie jack-o-lanterns are so cute!

White paint makes these skull jack-o-lanterns more realistic!

Milk jugs + black marker + a string of lights makes these glowing lanterns!

Decorate your clothes hangers with colored paper and markers so monsters can wear your clothes!

Grab an assortment of uncooked noodles to glue down to black paper for your own skeleton!

Halloween Countdown: 2 days!

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