Next Year’s Halloween Costume Will Be Epic

My favorite holiday of them all is Halloween. Aside from all the candy and the fun and creepy decorations, I’m frankly mainly into the whole dressing up idea. I love being in costume and frequently have more ideas for costumes than I can bring to a reality. This year I had six costume ideas, of which, only two came to life. And I already have lofty plans for next year.

I have a history of deciding on my Halloween costume for the next year before this year’s holiday has even approached, and this year has been no exception. Last night while watching, “Beetlejuice” (which I have deemed to be my favorite Tim Burton movie), I concluded that for next year I would make my costume be something from that movie.

A dead Barbara Maitland makes herself scary to frighten the living.

Dead Adam Maitland tries on a frightful look on too.

More specifically, my costume would be my favorite part of the movie. Although the costume seems to be extremely challenging to re-create, I’m sure it will be supremely awesome, and should be sure to win me many contests. Ideally, I’ll need a mate to join me on my idea, but that can be worried about later. I’m thinking I could make the mask out of paper-mache. I’ve found the below pictures online of others who have attempted this fantastic costume. (These people in particular have this costume-making down.)

Happy Halloween!!!

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