Thanks To Be Thankful

I will acknowledge that the United States of America has some pretty weird national holidays. Take Valentine’s Day as an example. Do we really need a special day to show our affection towards one another? Aren’t we able to do that on every other day? The same could be said about Thanksgiving though. Why must it be necessary to have a specific designated day to reflect on what we are thankful for in life?

I admit it may sound a little silly, that our nation thinks we need to be told when to give thanks, but unlike with Valentine’s Day, I can stand behind this holiday. Many Americans seem to have developed a shell against the “real world.” We go about our lives, with little to no time to reflect on how good we might have it (even if it’s just the little things).

But I could just be biased, as I am a huge fan of Thanksgiving. However, I hope that this holiday isn’t on the road to becoming too much about the hefty traditional meal, and less about the meaning of giving thanks. In honor of today’s holiday, I am sharing  some drawings of turkeys that the internet has provided us with. They may not be considered works of art to many, but let’s be thankful that their creators thought their drawings were good enough to share on the internet.

Kind of cartoony. I like the eyes’ expression.

So many colors and lines! The feathers are very festive.

This drawing actually shows how round the tail feathers really look when extended. Nice!

Your most basic hand-template drawing. But the Pilgrim hat makes it stand out.

Another hand-template turkey, though this one’s a tad odd…



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