There Is No Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are the latest craze (no pun intended) these days. There are video games, television shows (AMC’s, “The Walking Dead” is a huge hit), marathons, city-wide games, re-enactments, costumes, and more. This zombie craze is all fine and dandy, until people start to take it to the next level and think it could and will be real.

But the Zombie Apocalypse is never going to happen. It’s a load of BS is what it is. I simply do not believe in it and I think it is pretty stupid that some people not only will get so worked up about it, but that they really truly believe that it will happen.

Some people will argue that there is definite evidence that there is already a Zombie Apocalypse in the works. The proof? Those news stories from earlier in the year about people going out of their minds and actually eating other people. But what these people are forgetting is that we already learned that this was because of a new drug on the street known as Bath Salts. Bath Salts apparently have something in the drug that make people want to eat others. It’s a drug, not an apocalypse.

So let’s just say that those Bath Salts cases were really zombie cases. I still don’t buy into it. Because why hadn’t those zombies multiplied by now? If those cases were truly zombies, then we would definitely have more zombie-cannibalism cases by now. We would be hearing about zombies more regularly, as more and more people would becoming zombies.

I will admit that perhaps a reason why I never was sold on the whole Zombie Apocalypse theory is because I’m frankly not keen on zombies. The only zombies I could ever like are the dancing variety, as in Michael Jackson’s famous music video, Thriller.

But I’ll indulge and for argument’s sake, take the side of those who do believe in this Zombie Apocalypse. If a Zombie Apocalypse is really going to happen, then why fight it? What’s the point of fighting the inevitable? If it were up to me, I wouldn’t try too hard to escape. If it’s my fate to become zombie-fied, I don’t know if it would be that terrible.

For one thing, you’re bound to have plenty of company of others who are like yourself; also zombies. Another positive outlook is that you’re not actually dead. Zombies are specifically, the undead. So at least you’re animated enough to not actually be dead. I’m not really keen on the idea of dying, so being a zombie could be a good alternative. It’s been suggested to me, that as a zombie, you’d be in a lot of pain though. This is a valid point, but zombies seem like they are able to deal- it just sort of becomes the norm.

Zombies might be all the rage these days (no pun intended) but that doesn’t mean it’s ok for people to get obsessed with them. However, if you’re interested in seeing some creative zombified logos, may I direct you to this. Otherwise, sit back, and relax. There is no Zombie Apocalypse.

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