Beware: The Washington Flake!

The Washington Flake is an interesting specimen. One that people, especially in the DC area need to take note of. It is something of a parasite. Some people may develop it at a young age and may never be able to get rid of it. Others may develop The Flake later into life, and still there is a rare part of the population that will never experience it. The Washington Flake is a traveler which is important to take note of; it can be contagious.

So what is this “disease”? It greatly hinders the ability to follow through with one’s original plans. It can destroy your social life and your ability to maintain relationships with others.


But through my observations, I have the hypothesis that is more likely to be found in the city of Washington, D.C. This might be because the city is so full of Type A people. This susceptible population is prone to keeping their schedules open for any and every likely situation to preset itself. By not maintaining a defensive upkeep, the body is more at risk to develop The Flake.

The Flake attacks your body, creating blockages in your brain and sometimes even your heart, thus causing for a breakdown of the thought processing. Some symptoms may include carelessness, laziness, general loss of interest, depression, lying, hypochondria (or the ability to feign sickness), a loss of appetite or weight gain.

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