Am I Not Crush-Worthy?

To my knowledge, nobody has ever had a crush on me. Nobody has slyly asked a friend to find out info about my singledom to relate back to the person in pursuit. Frankly, I have never been pursued by anyone. I have never met a guy who acted (obviously) as though they were crushing on me; falling for me. I don’t know why I don’t seem to come across as someone worthy of being crush-worthy.

This is why when my friends ask me about the people I know and whether they are single, etc., I am not so keen on doing that “dirty work.” Why try to perpetuate someone else’s crush, when I seem to be do hopeless on my end of being crushed on.

And then there’s the potential of the unknown. Sure, I could remain hopeful in Dreamland and just assume that sometime in my life, someone has got to have a crush on me. But with zero evidence contributing to such a far out hypothesis, those thoughts are too unrealistic to ponder over.

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