My True Ghost Sighting Story

It may be Valentine’s Day today, but I don’t care. It has been due time since I last posted, to which I am regretful, but to “celebrate” today’s holiday to which I could care less about, I would like to share a story that has no relevance whatsoever to Valentine’s Day…

Last month, I took my third trip in a year back to Savannah, this time splitting our vacation with Charleston. My friend had never been and I had been once prior, back when I was a child, so we were in new territory, unlike in Savannah, which we have gotten to know quite well.

On our last day in Charleston, we took a tour of the Civil War fort-island, Fort Sumnter. We were strolling around the fort and decided to check out the inside perimeter. My friend and I were captivated when we both saw a man run through a dark doorway. Curious, we went to the door to see where it led. Much to our surprise however, we were unable to open the door. Both of us tried our hands at pushing, pulling, and trying to maneuver the doors open, as we had just seen a man run through them so swiftly. We had even heard the doors rattle as he exited.

Confused, we decided to explore the other side of the doors. What we came upon was a total shock. Apparently the doors were padlocked closed:

fort sumnter ghost door 1

fort sumnter ghost door 2

How then could this figure be explained as running through the doors so quickly? There was no way anyone could get through these locked doors, yet we were sure of what we had seen. At that point my friend started second-guessing herself, but I knew that since forts have seen a multitude of deaths, that we were in a likely place to have just witnessed a ghost.

The ironic aspect of this story, was that our ghost sighting came to us in Charleston, a side trip from Savannah, which is known as the most haunted city in America. Actually, my interest and love for Savannah all started when I discovered it held this such title. Even after spending so much time in Savannah and going on three ghost tours, we never saw any ghost remnants. Nonetheless, I’ll take this real ghost sighting and treasure the moment. It was surreal!

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