New Music 2012 Brought Me

Last year was such an amazing year for me, and each time I look back on all the successes it brought me, I feel like it will be hard for any other year to top 2012. One of the major highlights from the year was learning of and loving so many new musical groups to my repertoire. I have tried to compile a list of the most memorable new bands I discovered in 2012 which I feel so fortunate to be able to share with you. In no particular order, here are 10 new bands I fell in love with last year:

  1. The Cheaters – I wrote about them here, when they performed at Hill Country. Upon seeing them a second time recently, they played an almost identical show, but the band members are genuine and very friendly, which was welcoming. 
  2. Sons Of Fathers – Though I only saw them once, I have grown to be quite friendly with the band members who live way down in Austin. This is the first of many Austin bands I have come to love.
  3. The Wheeler Brothers – These raucous boys tore the place down when they played in D.C. last December. They definitely helped end my year of a high note. I am becoming friendly with this band as well. Like the previous band, they are a discovery through my adoration for Uncle Lucius. This marks Austin band number two.
  4. Deadman – Though I may never have seen this band live, I also discovered them through their touring with Uncle Lucius. I’m a big fan of their music and hope to one day see them perform in person.
  5.  Whiskey Shivers – I saw this ultra-fun folk band open for Uncle Lucius back when I went to Austin over the summer. Another Austin-based band I have been fortunate enough to discover through Uncle Lucius.
  6. Not In The Face –  One last Austin-based band for the list, I was also introduced to this band when they opened for Uncle Lucius’ album release concert in Austin. These hard rockers put on quite a show, somewhat reminiscent of The White Stripes. A definite good time.
  7. John Lee – This jazz whiz was introduced to me through a friend who has become a die-hard fan. Not just jazz, this musician also melds California surfer tunes with dazed jams. He’s a guitar master!
  8. Givers – I happened upon this band when a friend and I followed Uncle Lucius to Mountain Jam last summer. I also discovered that an old high school friend is their sound manager, which is pretty nifty! This band is best described as an indie pop mix that lies between Vampire Weekend and Paul Simon and somewhere else.
  9. Mariachi El Bronx – First captivated by their performance on Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show, I was happy to learn they were playing at Mountain Jam. Unfortunately I missed them play twice this summer, though my admiration for this unique Mariachi-plus-rock band has not weaned.
  10. Rizzle Kicks – Thanks to a collaboration they did with one of my favorite musicians, Mayer Hawthorne, I learned about this British Hip Hop duo. Equally impressed with their other tunes, this band earns the tenth place on my list.


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