My Top 5 Music Videos Of 2013 Thus Far

Some really great music videos have been popping up this year, and I figured I would lump them all together in one post chock full of awesomeness. Some of these videos have been making the rounds for a few months, while others are on the newer end, but all have been released this year of 2013. I am ranking these music videos based on their artistic characteristics, and mind you, this does not necessarily have to do with my opinion on the song (although to be noted, all of these songs are great). Let’s get crackin’…

5. Scrape The Sky – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (feat. Fresh Big Mouf)

This catchy song is co-written/performed by a buddy of mine as seen in the Orioles hat. The acrobatics and dance moves deserve credit, as do the wardrobe choices.

4. Sun Gonna Lemme Shine – Kingsely Flood

The airy vocals complete this pop tune. And the feel-good ending of this video keeps it rolling around in my head, many times after watching.

3. Keep The Wolves Away – Uncle Lucius

It pains me to put this at the number three spot because the video is so beautifully made. I am especially fond of the continuous wind-swept, slowed down look and the extra-dark sepia, rustic tone to the video.

2. Roots & Vine – Sons Of Fathers

The color transfer to black and white and back again is clever, the split panels makes this video more interesting than it could have been, and the similarities and ironies in both sides of the story are striking. Plus, who doesn’t like a happy ending?

1. Baby I’m Yours – Breakbot (feat. Irfane)

Really, there’s no competition here, when it comes to overall creativity and imagination. The idea to do a psychedelic ever-changing watercolor animation is fantastic, and I’m sure the process was long and painstaking, though definitely worth the effort.

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