Back To Meat

I’m eating meat again, everyone! What, you didn’t know I wasn’t? Guess why? Perhaps because I didn’t let a lack of meat in my diet control my life. It shouldn’t. I was a pescetarian for six months, from January 3rd to July 3rd. There’s nothing like celebrating America’s anniversary of being independent with celebrating being able to make independent food choices without being “governed” by any silly rules.

As some of you may remember, this is not the first time I’ve done this six-month diet thing. Two years ago I also chose to be a pescetarian for six months. When I ended that dry spell, I learned a few valuable lessons. Upon reflecting on my stint two years ago, I can agree with the same conclusions. The only thing I managed to change this year was how I ended my non-meat eating days.

Pescetarian Comic

I made the grave mistake of going overboard when I returned to meat. I dived right into red meat, white meat, all kinds of meat were at my disposal and I had no fears. I may not have admitted it to myself, but the stomach ache I received from re-introducing meat into my life was something so severe, I was not interested in reliving that.

So this year, I have decided to start out slow. I’ve already had a chicken Empanada, two kinds of chicken salad, jerk turkey, and a measly amount of pork nachos. White meat only, please. This is not to say I am disinterested in red meat. Quite the contrary, but I’m hoping that a gradual introduction will ease the potential stomach pains. I’m traveling to Houston in a week and I simply can not imagine going to Cow Country without eating that delectable BBQ, so I do aim to be eating red meat in a week’s time.

So was this experiment successful? I’d say so. Both times I’ve excluded meat from my diet, I have been able to lose a significant amount of weight. The real experiment however, comes now. My goal is not to gain weight with the reintroduction of meat into my diet. That unfortunately happened to me last time, but this time around, I’m more determined to stay trim.

One way I plan on not gaining weight is by bringing back meat into my diet, I hope to eliminate something in its place: bread. Bread is a huge stickler for gaining weight. While I was not able to fully remove all meat from my diet, I also don’t anticipate removing all types of bread-products. I do not think I would enjoy not eating pizza and cereal, so those types of carbohydrates will remain as doable options. But I’m hoping that by eliminating other carbs, I can still feasibly keep from gaining/continue to lose weight.

No bread? Go!

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