Tips To Living Without Meat (or How To Lose Weight Without Over-Thinking Things)

Yesterday I wrote about my most recent six-month diet of forgoing meat. One of the biggest concerns I was presented with was how I would get enough protein. It didn’t seem like such a problem to me, but I did have to remind myself to eat enough protein to not only stay healthy, but also to keep myself full and satisfied.

Pro-tip: Eat plenty of nuts. And beans. My favorites have included almonds (a handful), walnuts (eating a handful before a meal, helps to fill you up quicker), and chickpeas. Related to chickpeas is hummus. I have learned that hummus is my new best friend, my obsession. I am addicted to hummus. I like to eat it with raw vegetables, although if presented with the option, I bet I could eat more than enough of the stuff on its own.

Hummus! My one true love.

A goal I have for myself is to drink plenty of water. Drinking any (non-alcoholic) beverage is good to stay hydrated, but the key here is water. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to drink at least a Nalgene (32 oz.) of water every day. I will admit that water isn’t the most exciting thing to drink though.

Pro-tip: If you don’t find water exciting enough to drink, try infusing it with herbs, vegetable, or fruits. I’m fond of mint, blueberries, or lemon and lime. Similarly, drinking tea (hot or cold) is a great way to get enough water into your diet- provided you drink it black or as close to black as possible.

Infused Water ideas. Tasty!

Infused Water ideas. Tasty!

Another easy dieting tip is to sleep. I love to sleep and thankfully have plenty of time to do so, but I’ve learned that when I implore a somewhat normal sleeping schedule, I am more likely to feel fresh and healthy and I don’t feel so tired in the middle of the day or feel like I am stuck in a rut.

Pro-tip: Make sure your sleep is not interrupting your daily routine. If you sleep well into the morning/after noon, your whole schedule will be thrown off, encouraging you to wait till the wee hours of the morning to fall asleep. I may not have the healthiest sleep schedule, but if I can be asleep before 2 AM, and up before 11 AM, I call that a success.

A major change I’ve made to my diet in addition to the elimination of meat, has been to greatly decrease how much alcohol I drink. I realize that this is easier for some people than others. But in addition to cutting the calories in the beverage (and the subsequent “drunk munchies” associated with drinking), you are also saving your money too, which surely can’t hurt.

Pro-tip: I’ve recently come to appreciate certain mixed drinks more than I would normally. One of my new favorite drinks is the Bloody Mary. Because of all the vitamins found in tomato juice, this drink isn’t as bad for you as some other options. Another related option is a Screwdriver, as orange juice although packed with sugar, also lends many vitamins. While diet tonic or seltzer and a clear liquor such as vodka or gin might few in calories, I’ve found it also to be quite tasteless. Also key, is to savor your beverage. Instead of rushing through your drinks, take the time to enjoy what your imbibing in, and you won’t be as inclined to drink so much.

Remember you can sometimes get nutrition from your drink’s garnish!

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