Robin Thicke For Halloween?

With Halloween a mere two months away, I have started scheming for this year’s crop of costumes. I already have a number of costume ideas for myself, so I’ve begun to focus my creative powers on helping my friends come up with costumes.

One friend, a noteworthy handsome fellow who is perhaps overly confident with the ladies, has become my latest costume “project”, if you will. I concluded that he could perfectly embody this summer’s hit new vocalist, Robin Thicke.

So how does one dress as a generic white guy in a clear enough representation so that others don’t have to be guessing? A “Hello My Name Is” name tag is the easy way out, but shouldn’t be the only identifier. So what then? We decided that aviator sunglasses and a finely tuned coif was a good start, but that probably wouldn’t be enough. I recommended bringing props along such as a toy lamb and a blow-up doll to match the real-life equivalencies in his hit music video of the moment, “Blurred Lines. (Check out the controversial and quite scandalous R-rated, NSFW, un-rated music video here.)

Then the Video Music Awards happened and MTV solved all our costume problems. Robin Thicke performed in what was basically an exact replica of Beetlejuice’s famous striped suit. Well, Beetlejuice is a fantastic Halloween costume and because Thicke decided to wear such a bold outfit, one can now properly dress as Robin Thicke as a costume- and now it’s twice as good, since it mimics a true Halloween spirit: Beetlejuice.


But there’s always a catch with seemingly flawless plans. By dressing as Robin Thicke from the VMA’s, one still risks the confusion of dressing in costume as Beetlejuice. And vice versa: if someone was planning on dressing as Beetlejuice (even before the VMA’S occurred and thus tarnished our association of Beetlejuice’s uniform), now one must risk being confused for Robin Thicke. Either way though, both costumes are pretty good, and I hope and expect to see a few variations of this costume idea this year.

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2 Responses to Robin Thicke For Halloween?

  1. Now I’m wondering how you could spin this into some kind of hilarious Beetle-Thicke (RobinJuice?) costume…

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