Five Halloween Costumes For Two

Halloween is my favorite day of the year. I have recently come to admit this to myself. And like I have been doing on this blog, I celebrate this glorious day of “All Hallows Eve” with my annual Halloween 10-Day Countdown…

Today, we focus on costumes that can be created for a pair. These ideas however, shouldn’t need to be limited to couples. These pair could be two friends or even a person and their pet. The goal here is to get creative. Below are five recognizeable costume ideas to get you started!

1) Peanut Butter and Jelly – This can either be achieved by dressing up as the actual peanut butter and jelly jars, or (as I have seen for purchase at a costume store) two slices of bread, with the appropriate spreads on each.

2) Gangster and Flapper – This costume is a fairly easy option. The lady needs a fringed dress or even a short dress that you could glue a fringed bottom onto. She also should have some sort of headband with a feather of fringe detail. The gangster costume is simple: pinstripe pants with either a pinstripe jacket and button down shirt or a wifebeater tank top and suspenders.

3) Mario and Luigi – (Or really, any combination of characters from popular Nintendo video games.) Mario and Luigi require red and green overalls and matching hats respectly, with mustaches, blue shirts and possibly white gloves. Other options include Princess Peach (any generic pink princess dress with a crown), Toad (dress like a white mushroom with red spots on the top, and wear a vest), Wario (like Mario and Luigi’s costume but instead wear purple overalls with a yellow shirt), etc.

4) Vampire and a Bat – The vampire part is pretty easy: dress in semi-formal attire, with an optional cape. The key here is to use fake blood around your lips, and to wear vampire fangs/fake teeth. Make it more dramatic with white make-up on the face and perhaps black lipstick. The bat wears all black with black wings and/or a cape.

5) Princess and the Frog – One party dresses as any generic princess. The frog wears all green, a crown, and over-size eyes on top of your head (these can be made from cardboard or ping pong balls). Flippers on the feet can be optional.

{Halloween Countdown: 10 days!}

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