So Bad It’s Bad… But Somehow It’s Good

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to watch a truly unique movie. It was one of those, “so bad it’s good” type movies, only,  I don’t even know if I’d categorize this as a good movie. It didn’t make much sense, the story timeline jumped all over the place, and the plot was too far-fetched. But what it lacked in quality special effects and cohesive story development, it made up for in pure shock value.

The movie in question is a Japanese attempt at a bizarre horror flick by the name of, “Hausu” which is translated to simply, “House.” This movie from 1977 is what I can attempt to describe as something of a combination of, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (there is gratuitous female nudity and cheap 70’s effects); “Beetlejuice” (inanimate objects come to life in horrowing ways); “The Shining” (there is a more-than-realistic amount of blood that fills a structure); and “The Room” (poor camera work, oddball characters, and a lack of a plot that makes sense).

And yet, “Hausu” is a fantastic movie to watch for Halloween, especially if you tend to be squeamish about many modern-day horror flick options. Without giving away too much of this train-wreck of what can best be described as an experiment in horor movie making, I can say that this unique movie is truly memorable, be that fortunate or not. Below is the trailer for “Hausu” which I definitely recommend everyone watching. It is just the right amount of scary and funny and the trailer will leave you in a state of awe, suspicion, and confusion, but I assure you, these are all natural reactions.

{Halloween Countdown: 9 days!}

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