Last night’s Caps game was a real winner for Washington. In our third straight win, the Caps destroyed the New York Islanders with a grand final talley of 6-2. After the first period ended, the game was a bit of a snore-fest, but then everthing turned around in the second period, with the Caps going crazy and scoring the bulk of their massive amount of goals.

I watched the game with my mom and she had a most entertaining reflection about Alex Ovechkin’s first (of two) goals of the night:

“I thought Ovi was the poster child for happiness -the way he looked when he scored. Like how Snoopy looks when he’s happy.”

Here’s a video of the goal and Ovechkin’s giddy reaction:

And to compare:

Awww, that image just makes you feel all warm and cuddly inside. Good job, Snoopy-Ovi!

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