I’m Obsessed…With Traveling

I’m obsessed with traveling. So obsessed that it could be argued I like it more than the Washington Capitals. Crazy, especially since this blog is named for the Caps and not about my infatuation for traveling. However, on many an occasion, I’ve found myself making travel plans that may cause me to miss hockey games which I’d otherwise be glued to the tv screen for.

But I digress. Traveling seems to trump all. I experience such a high when a trip that I’m embarking on is a few days, hours away. Just the idea that I will soon be embarking on a trip with new adventures, sights, and encounters makes my heart a-flutter. I develop pleasant, little scurrying butterflies in my stomach- but the good, excitable kind, not the nervous, nauseating type.

Perhaps this is why I have taken to going on trips out of my home-base area so often. Actually, what started as a pattern, turned into a goal: have a trip for every month of this year. So far, I have achieved that all except for the month of April (though I made up for it with two trips in May).

 Jan: Savannah
Feb: New Jersey/New York
March: Boston
May: New Orleans & Cleveland
June: Savannah
July: Houston
Aug: Delaware beaches
Sept: Cleveland
Oct: Rochester
Nov: Richmond
Dec: Mexico

Seriously, that is quite impressive if you ask me. And I’m not looking to stop this obsessive traveling anytime soon, either.

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