Operation Unclique The Cliques Part 2: The Perfect Outfit

With Operation Unclique The Cliques officially underway, I have decided to go forth with sharing my game-plan process. After sharing my initial outline, I have decided that the next step is to get the appropriate outfit for such an occasion. This post can apply to everyone who would either attend a reunion of sorts, or even just to look presentable in a potentially awkward social situation. In able to succeed and to be able to initiate a comfortable conversation for all parties, one needs to compose an ensemble that shows a welcoming and intriguing personality.

I have come quite a long way from my high school days. A decade ago I was simply put, a Hippie. Most notably, I dressed the part to the extreme: with bandanas, patchwork corduroys, and lest we not forget the plethora of tie dye I used to wear. My clothes tended to be as loose as my mindset. So in picking out an outfit for this reunion, pretty much anything could be seen as a more mature upgrade to my clothes from high school. But which direction to take?

I decided that an outfit that highlights the body I kept hidden for so much of high school should be a good starting point. Finding an approachable color/pattern that shows people I am friendly and engaging is also important for this mission. I have also decided that sophistication will be key to keeping up with appearances and coming off as a “mature individual in their upper-twenties.”

I will not reveal my outfit yet, for a maximum surprise factor, which I believe will help in my mission.  I can however guarantee that whatever I do end up wearing will be both totally different from anything I wore back in high school, while also not straying too far from who I have become in recent years.

Another factor to take into consideration is to look your best without looking like you over-thought the outfit. It’s easy to over-thinking this game plan (though I believe that over-thinking and over-planning is better than not enough), but if any of you have ever wanted to pretend to be that sad girl (or boy) from the movies, who gets a makeover and then turns heads, then what better opportunity than a reunion?

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