Operation Unclique The Cliques Part 4: Background Research

We are exactly one week away from the implementation of Operation: Unclique The Cliques and today I cover a step that is actually optional. Though this step may be excluded, it is still quite helpful to achieving the set goal.

The fourth step to make this work is to brush up on Facebook research/ “stalking” to generate easy conversation topics. Thankfully, many of the people who will be attending this reunion, have open or public profiles, so this information is easily available.

However, it is important that this learned information doesn’t come across as overtly creepy. Perhaps just memorizing something basic like the city they currently live in or their job title. Two bits of information that tends to be visible even without a public profile.

Granted, this all comes with a grain of salt. Moderation and limitation is necessary not to overdo such learned information. If you can open with a conversation topic that comes across in a casual, non-offensive manner, then all research will pay off.

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