Operation Unclique The Cliques Part 5: Removing Judgments

The great ten year high school reunion is a mere four days away and today’s post regarding my social experiment surrounding this event is probably the most important part. This mission would not be complete without remembering the root of the problem: judgments. It is because of people judging others, that bullying happens, or how cliques are formed in the beginning.

In Step 5 of my operation to “Unclique The Cliques,” I need to seriously wipe my mind free of all past judgements I have in turn, held against my fellow classmates. Sure, we have all felt being judged in high school by our peers, but guess what? I’m pretty sure many of us judged right back. And that sure, won’t help things. So as much as it might be easy to continue to hold certain grudges, or make biased assesments, it’s just going to hinder us from communicating with others in a positive manner.

Looking at the list of people who are attending this reunion, I immediately remember the thoughts I had in high school about each. But with a decade of years between those feelings, I must learn to forget all of those feelings I may have felt towards some for unnecessary or non-existent reasons.

When it comes down to it all, I probably had minimum interaction with those who I claimed scrutiny upon. It helps to believe that people are inherently good as well. I’m sure that those I never talked to in high school are relatively normal people like myself. And there’s even a likely chance that such people I would pin as intimidating, might even feel the same towards me. So let’s level the playing field, shall we? If all prior opinions are banished, this operation should go down much more smoothly.

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