Operation Unclique The Cliques Part 6: Prepare For Obstacles

Three days remain until Operation: Unclique The Cliques is implemented at my 10 year high school reunion and I grow ever weary that this plan will not work accordingly. One reason for my doubt is the case for obstacles or distractions from achieving what I am setting out to accomplish. Thus, in Step 6 of my mission, I cover how to make this work while accommodating the unpredictable.

There will inevitably be distractions at the reunion. I can already think of a few hurdles that will get in my way: the process of ordering/consuming beverages; talking to the people I genuinely want to see; etc. However, I will need to find a way to prioritize all potentially important activities.

I need to schedule time in order to make everything happen and in an efficient manner. Perhaps I will need to make my peers aware of my plan in order to make the evening go smoothly. Priorities need to be set and perameters need to be adhered to so that all can be accomplished. And lastly, I need to make sure that throughout the entire operation, I can still have fun. That is the most important part to this whole plan, and without it, I fear no progress will be made.

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