Operation Unclique The Cliques: The Results

The reunion came and went and all in all, it was a decent use of my time. To get a general feeling for the overall consensus of what my friends and I thought of the affair, let’s start off with some direct quotes:

“That was probably the most four wasteful hours of my life.”

Question: How’s the reunion?
Answer: Drunk.

While I suppose I’m glad that I went, it may not have been the most successful social experiment. Although I wouldn’t go so far as to say my plan resulted in total failure, it definitely did not have as great of an outcome as I had hoped.

So what was the problem? Unpredicted obstacles presented themselves: the venue was too dimly lit and much too small, resulting in 100+ guests crammed into an odd layout of a homey space. Also, a lack of nametags prevented an ease of conversation starters. One couldn’t just waltz right up to someone they may not have remembered, and strike up a non-awkward conversation that didn’t involve trying to guess who the other person was.

In general though, I did succeed at my mission. I did converse with some people whom I would have never talked to in high school. Maybe it’s just a title that I continue the use of, but I was unsuccessful in talking to those “popular kids” in the cliques I wanted to unclique. Nonetheless, I was able to talk at length (i.e: more than a simple, “hello”) to a number of classmates of whom for one reason or another, I had never convered with prior to the reunion. So for that major accomplishment, I would conclude that the 10-year high school reunion social experiment was not a complete bust.

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