The New Years Kiss Is Overrated

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I bet many of you are thinking about whom you will be kissing once the clock strikes midnight. But let me tell you something: the New Year’s kiss is lame. It’s not worth stressing over and it certainly shouldn’t be the epicenter of your holiday festivities.

Coming from one who has only ever had one New Year’s Eve kiss (two, if you count a dog), that kiss is not worth all the stressing and fretting over for your festive plans. Because here’s the thing- when you do decide to ring in the new year, perhaps swapping saliva with just anyone you can find, just to feel any ping of anything, probably won’t be the best choice.

May I suggest simply celebrating with those who you care about, be it friends, family, or whatever food, beverages you care about. Bringing in a new year should be properly done in the company of great people, be they good kissers or not. So good luck to all y’all without someone to kiss. Because really, that doesn’t matter. And in the great scheme of things, it’s about having fun. Have a very happy and safe New Year’s Eve!

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