Frozen Is Lukewarm

A few weeks ago I met a little girl no older than six who exclaimed that she had seen Disney’s latest princess movie, “Frozen” in the theaters five times already and was going to see it a sixth time. For the target audience of any Disney Princess movie to see the movie so frequently, I could sense that something was special about this film. So a few days ago on the coldest day in D.C.’s history in the last 18 years, my mom and I went to check out a flick we seemed only appropriate for the frigid weather. I have a lot to discuss about “Frozen,” but unfortunately I can’t claim this movie as my new favorite like that little girl seemed to have claimed. Below are my thoughts… (spoiler alert!)

– Why didn’t the elk/reindeer character, Sven talk? Don’t like 99% of non-human characters in Disney movies talk?

– I wish Sven and Olaf’s (the horrendous talking snowman character) roles were reversed.; Olaf annoyed me. From the commercials, I could tell that this snowman would be a mistake of a character and sadly, I was all too correct.

– My mom cleverly pointed out an analogy to Wizard of Oz: Sven is the Cowardly Lion (furry, cuddly); Olaf is the Scarecrow (always falling apart); Kristoff is like the Tin Man (looking for heart, woodsman); and Elsa is like the wizard (sorcery, loneliness).

– The movie’s moral is kind of about bad parenting: the parents shouldn’t have told their daughter to suppress herself rather than explore her powers. This is like the notion of taking “shut up” too far.

– My biggest problem was that I found that the music was not very memorable. Compared to success of the soundtrack from “The Princess and the Frog” where the music reflects setting of both the time period and the location, “Frozen” could have had a Nordic flair to he music to reflect the movie’s setting. Also, there was a lack of variation- all the songs were belted out “Glee-style” as my mom put it.

– Is this the first Disney princess movie where a lead singing role is played by an already famous person? Someone who is famous for singing no less.

– There was a fantastically similar scene to one from “The Shining”. Towards the ending of “Frozen,” Olaf and Anna escape from the fireplace room by climbing out window and down the snow. In “The Shining,” (Wendy and) Danny escape through the window of a bathroom and slide down the snowy outside of their hotel.

– Anna is the first Disney character I could relate to because I’m always cold. Anna is pretty much battling being cold throughout the whole movie. I could have just told Anna that her real problem (like mine) is low blood pressure! There. Problems solved.

Overall, I’d say that “Frozen” was fine, though not the best effort Disney has put forth in recent Disney history. I was entertained, sure, but only temporarily while the movie lasted. This movie gets a 7 out of 10, or a B- in my book.

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One Response to Frozen Is Lukewarm

  1. JayGirl says:

    Glad to know there’s someone else who didn’t think Frozen was the best thing since sliced bread. Even as a huge Disney fan, I find it extremely overrated. I agree with everything expressed here… I thought Olaf was super annoying and unfunny and I thought the songs sounded like average off-Broadway songs. Pretty much every Disney and Disney princess Film (especially my favorites, Mulan and Pocahontas) has had way better and more memorable songs. Tangled (which Frozen seemed to imitate in a lot) was way better and a better recent effort along with Princess and the Frog.

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