The Strangest Dream

Last night I had a new “weirdest dream ever”. Seriously, I must be the only person to dream up such elaborate and detailed scenarios. Today I share my most recent “sleeping adventure.”

It all begun with my family who had a house-boat that was really a car on a plank. My parents had two additional very young kids that they had to take in a limo to Atlanta for a fancy competition (dancing or a Toddlers and Tiaras type thing). I was left to take care of the car-house-boat but the car wouldn’t start. It looked like there was a major storm heading towards us and we were going to be in big trouble. My brothers were of no help and couldn’t understand how to help.

Apparently I had a made-up sister and the two of us had the task to overthrow the Emperor of Venice for some important reason. We paddled our way through canals and bumped into a military man with a gun pointed right at us. I tried to steer our paddle-boat around but the current brought us right back to the man with the gun. He didn’t want us to infiltrate the system so he shot me in the back of the head! I was shocked but I didn’t die…

Then my sister decided to sleep with the soldier to let us into the system. Unexpectedly, the soldier fell madly in love with my sister. The two of them wanted to have sex in the bed I shared with my sister. I was pretty enraged that my sister was in love with the man who shot me, and I refused to let him in my bed. There was a lot of arguing and I think I woke up and the problem was never solved. The End.

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