The Strangest Dream #2

Last night I had a dream about a sport that was a combination of hockey, soccer, football, and golf…

I was at the Stanley Cup playoff game between the New York Rangers vs. the Montreal Canadiens. Except, the game wasn’t hockey- it was golf, and they were playing it team-based in a similar manner to soccer and it was on a football field. Jaromir Jagr was playing for the Rangers and had the ball in his possession. He was 15-20 feet away from the hole and was laying up a long put. I was watching from the sidelines, until I decided to get myself in the game and ran onto the field and swatted the ball (that was flying in the air) away from going straight into the hole. I had caught the ball and then not knowing what to do with the ball and a stampede of players heading toward me, I gently rolled the golf ball to the ground. The ball got swept up in a tirade of both teams and never made it into the hole.

Jagr was furious that my play of swatting the ball not only disturbed his otherwise clear shot, but that I also was apparently not allowed to do what I had done: just roll the ball back down to the ground. Jagr called for a replay or a penalty to me, but the referees dismissed it all and let the game continue. I felt really bad for the way I had played the game without knowing what to do, so I asked Jagr to please show me what I should have done. Jagr told me that if I took the ball in the air like I had done, then instead of dropping it back to the ground, I was supposed to take the ball off the football field at the closest yard line, and then while out-of-bounds, toss it back in, like which is done in the game of soccer. 

I was relieved that I finally knew how to play the game properly, but Jagr was still fuming at me for ruining his game-play. He was yelling at me and I growled back to him that because of his poor sportsmanship, I was no longer a Rangers fan and that the Canadiens just gained a new fan in this match-up. 


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