Goldilocks and the Three Outfits

Inspired by starting a new job and figuring out what is acceptable work attire, I have written a short story below… 

Goldilocks and the Three Outfits

Once upon a time there lived a young girl named Goldilocks. Goldilocks was named this because she had hair that was so blonde it looked like gold. Because she was so blonde, naturally, she was a little clueless about many things. One of the things Goldilocks had a lot of trouble with, was figuring out what clothes to wear to work. Instead of shopping at a clothing store like a normal person, she often wandered into others’ homes and took their clothing without asking. You could call Goldilocks a thief, but Goldilocks really just didn’t know any better.

One day Goldilocks found herself wandering into a different part of town. She had never wandered over to that part of her city before, but didn’t really think anything of it. She found a house in a nice little neighborhood and decided that it would be perfectly fine if she just walked right in. The house was deserted but whomever lived there must have also been blonde because the door was very much unlocked.

Goldilocks felt quite at home and so she decided to check out the bedrooms for the closets and see if she could find any clothing for herself. She was delighted to find three bedrooms, all with closets stocked full of clothes. Goldilocks figured that with so many clothes abound, whoever lived there, probably wouldn’t even notice if a few items were gone.

She walked into the first bedroom and looked into the closet. It was all menswear. Goldilocks remembered that menswear could be chic when worn on a lady, so she tried on some pieces. Goldilocks tried on some tweed pants, a pinstriped jacket, and a skinny tie. She wasn’t quite sure if she could really make these items work on her frame, and decided to move on to the next bedroom.

In the second bedroom, Goldilocks found an older lady’s closet. She could tell it belonged to an older woman because of what she found: stretchy-waist jeans, a knitted vest, and Velcro walking shoes. Goldilocks thought that perhaps she could pull off these items in an ironic, Hipster way, but nothing looked quite right so she headed to the last bedroom.

Goldilocks was glad when she found the third bedroom because she was getting frustrated with trying on so many clothes that didn’t suit her. In the third bedroom she found a closet full of styles she could imagine herself wearing and liking. She figured that whoever lived in this bedroom could probably be her friend; someone much like herself. Goldilocks tried on a few items: a chunky sweater, skinny jeans, and some cool t-shirts. But then Goldilocks remembered that she was looking for clothes to wear to work at her new job and that although she liked these latest pieces of clothing that she had tried on, they wouldn’t be appropriate to wear to work. So she dug deeper into the closet, throwing clothing everywhere, looking for the right items to wear to work. Goldilocks didn’t notice that she was making quite a mess of this stranger’s room as she found a few more items to try on.

Just as she had put together an incredibly appropriate work outfit of a pencil-skirt, a geometric patterned blouse, and some cute kitten heels, some people entered into the house. Goldilocks couldn’t hear these people because she was too wrapped up in how good these new clothes looked on her. The people who lived in this house were all coming to their respective bedrooms.

First, the man came into his room and noticed some of his clothing was lying on the floor of his closet. He didn’t remember being so careless about his clothes and wondered if maybe he was especially tired that morning when he got dressed. He went over to the older lady to check on her closet. The older lady was worried that due to her older age, she may not have remembered to put her clothing properly away before she had left the house earlier. The man consoled the older lady, reassuring her that he too had an unreasonably messy closet, and the two of them pondered the situation.

Meanwhile in the third bedroom a young (and also blonde) twenty-something woman was coming home to her room. She walked in on Goldilocks admiring herself in a mirror. The young woman was initially pretty startled to see this stranger standing in her bedroom. Goldilocks saw this person’s reflection in the mirror and turned around, startled. The young woman immediately called the man and the older lady into her room.

When Goldilocks noticed that the stranger was also blonde, she figured she could handle the situation. She calmly introduced herself to the three strangers who were surprised to see someone uninvited in their house. It turned out the man and older lady were this young woman’s parents. This young woman who lived elsewhere, had come home to get rid of some of her clothes that she no longer wore. The young woman decided that since she was getting rid of her clothes anyway, Goldilocks could have some of her clothing.

The young woman’s parents invited Goldilocks to stay awhile. They hoped these two women could be friends because sometimes friendships occur from unusual situations and that this could make for a good story. Plus, their daughter didn’t have many friends, so she could take all the ones she could get. The young woman’s parents invited Goldilocks to hang out with their daughter and the two of them talked fashion over bowls of porridge.

The End.

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