The Milkshake Taste Test

Nineteen days ago, I was running to catch a bus to work and fell, face-first on the sidewalk. After getting stitches on my chin, and going to a number of doctors, I found out that I had broke my jaw in two places and would need to get my jaw wired shut. -Not the news I was looking forward to hearing. It’s been almost two weeks with my jaw wired shut and being on a liquid diet. Initially, I thought a liquid diet would be depressing, but as it turns out, much of my diet has been smoothies and milkshakes because not only are they delicious, but the calcium is extremely important in healing my bones. One might say that milkshakes are a necessary part of my diet!

I have decided that because I have been consuming so many milkshakes, that I am going to put these calories to use. I aim to sample a lot of milkshakes in the DMV area and record my experiences on this blog. I am dividing the milkshake sampling into the following categories, and rating them on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not so good, and 10 being amazing. The categories are:

  • Value
  • Size
  • Flavor Variety Offered
  • Drinkability (this one is important: 10-thin though not soupy consistency, 1-thick or not mixed well)
  • Overall Satisfaction

One thing to note from my taste test is that my results and thoughts will not necessarily be what everyone will want. As a person with a broken jaw, I can only really drink substances through a straw, so the ranking system for the Drinkability category may not be what everyone tends to like. For example, if a shake is too thick, I won’t be able to suck it through the straw, thus degrading the milkshake experience. If there are chunks or pieces that were not mixed into the shake, I won’t be able to chew them, so that would count against the shake.

Also to note, that the shakes that I will be sampling, won’t all be the same flavor. Sure, if they were, the playing field might be more level, but in order to get the most out of my experiences, I want to be able to see what each place offers, and so to comply with the Flavor Variety Offered category, my samples will not all be the same flavor.

Be on the look-out in the coming days for my results, and please send any milkshake location suggestions my way.

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