The Milkshake Taste Test: Sonic

Last weekend I went to Bethany Beach for the weekend. One of the many exciting motives for going to the beach, is that often we like to go to Sonic either on the drive there or back. Although I visited a location not actually in the “DMV,” there are other locations that can be found on their website. (The closest to DC is in actually coming soon to Capitol Heights, MD at Walker Mills Rd. & Hampton Park. Otherwise the next closest are in the Baltimore area or in Soloman’s Island. That’s kind of sad.)

I was pretty excited to get a milkshake from Sonic. They have so many commercials in my area for the drink specials- milkshakes especially. I got a large shake which was massive. However, the size became something of a challenge for me- especially because the shake was so difficult to drink. I ordered the Banana Cream Pie shake, which I assumed would be a fantastic decision. It was not. It took me two hours to get half-way into my shake because it was both much too thick and not blended well at all. I kept getting lumps of bananas stuck in my straw, which makes it difficult to drink- even for someone who’s mouth is problem-free. I felt sufficiently tortured to have a monstrously-sized, tasty drink in front of me that I could not enjoy.

So for the category rankings:

VALUE: 8/10  I got a large for something around $6. It made two meals for myself. This would normally be a fantastic value if I could drink it. I believe the regular size is around $5.

SIZE: 10/10 The Large was massive. I have also had the Regular size which is also a good serving size too. Not as intimidating as the Large, but nothing to be sad about either.

FLAVOR VARIETY: 8/10 You know, Sonic boasts having so many flavors, and it has many flavors, but it still felt limiting for someone who can’t have mix-ins. They have around 17 flavors which is good, but I’ve seen better.

DRINKABILITY: 1/10 If it takes me two hours to drink half a shake, it’s not going to get a favorable rating. I actually had to go home and re-blend my shake so I could more easily drink it.

OVERALL SATISFACTION: 6/10 Aside from having much too difficult of a time trying to drink my shake, once I did manage to drink it, it was very yummy. The flavor was great and I could discern the difference between the Banana Cream Pie Shake and your plain Banana Shake. Also, the huge size was fun. But not being able to drink it was not fun.

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2 Responses to The Milkshake Taste Test: Sonic

  1. Emily says:

    Frederick, MD has one now!

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