The Milkshake Taste Test: Good Stuff Eatery

Perhaps I have been trained well, but now when I have an opportunity for a milkshake and I am in the D.C. area, I immediately start dreaming of the wondrous milkshakes from Good Stuff Eatery. Good Stuff is a burger joint from the mind of former Top Chef contestant (“cheftestant”), Spike Mendelsohn. Started in D.C. and now in other cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, and Dubai, this restaurant served up good burgers, better fries, and the best shakes.


Double the milkshake, double the fun.

Immediately following the surgery I had when my mouth got wired shut, my mom graciously recommended taking me out for a milkshake. Sure, there were other restaurants closer to the oral surgeon’s office that we could have gone to, but I think we both knew nothing would compare to the shakes at Good Stuff, so we headed to their Georgetown location. My go-to shake is the Toasted Marshmallow. On past visits, I have declared it “the stuff that dreams are made of” and “orgasmic,” to put this in perspective. I have tried some other shake flavors -there is always a delicious Shake of the Month option, but I always come back to the tried and true Toasted Marshmallow which is seen above. Anyways, let’s see how this fantasy-worthy shake stacked up in my categories…

VALUE: 10/10  I once played a game of which would you rather eat: a “Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake or…” and in my humble opinion the milkshake won 99% of the time. So in terms of value, I would pretty much pay anything for it. So although I deem this category irrelevant, the prices are: $4.95 for a simple chocolate or vanilla, $5.95 for the regular size, and $4.50 for the Mini Moo (small) size.

SIZE: 9/10  Good Stuff serves up a decent sized portion. For the quality of the product, one can’t really expect a shake the size of a bucket, but then again, that couldn’t hurt now, would it?

FLAVOR VARIETY: 7/10  Good Stuff Eatery offers a menu of creative flavors, which feature creations such as Red Velvet, Soursop Hop Strawberry, and Salty Caramel Kiss among others. Excluding the Shake of the Month, there are 10 standard flavors (as well as floats!). What Good Stuff lacks in quantity of flavors, they more than make up for in quality and creativeness of taste.

DRINKABILITY: 6/10 Erring on the more easily drinkable side, though not soup, this shake started off a little difficult to suck through a straw, but then eventually smoothed out.

OVERALL SATISFACTION: 10/10 The Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake can do no wrong.

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