The Milkshake Taste Test: Ben & Jerry’s

I had high hopes for Ben & Jerry’s milkshakes. I am a fan of Ben & Jerry’s fantastically unique ice cream flavor concoctions, so I assumed the milkshakes they create would be worthy of a thumb’s up. Yesterday afternoon, I visited their location in Old Town Alexandria at the bottom of King St., right by the river. Yesterday’s weather was beautiful and it was the perfect day for a stroll along King St., milkshake in hand. Nothing could go wrong, right?…

Even their logo has ice cream with chunks in it…

What I overlooked about getting a milkshake from Ben & Jerry’s with a mouth wired shut, is that most of the milkshakes would have chunks or bits of mixed in goodies in the shakes, thus making it impossible to suck in through my teeth. Because Ben & Jerry’s is known for their creative ice creams that have cookie pieces, or candy bits, or chunks or chips of fun add-ins, I would have to be careful that my milkshake selection would be something I could easily drink. Ben & Jerry’s makes a few of their own shakes (although they don’t give descriptions, just names of these drinks) but declare they can also make a shake from any of their ice cream flavors. I decided to have a milkshake crafted for me from one of the few ice creams that didn’t have hard bits included, but also wasn’t your typical chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. I went for the seemingly harmless Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl.

VALUE: 5/10  A regular sized milkshake from Ben & Jerry’s is $6.99, and a large tops off at $7.99, making these the priciest milkshakes I have yet to have on this taste test journey. I could imagine these shakes being more expensive because the ice cream flavors are more interesting, but just because an ice cream has fun bits in it, doesn’t always translate well into milkshake form.

SIZE: 7/10  I got a large and the sizes seemed comparable to those at Good Stuff Eatery. No qualms.

FLAVOR VARIETY: 8/10  Ben & Jerry’s has a plethora of frequently changing ice cream flavors, any of which can be used for a milkshake.

DRINKABILITY: 3/10  This shake was deceiving. If you ignore the constant stream of tiny chunks of peanut butter, this shake was very easy to drink- a nice, soupy texture. However, I don’t tend to associate milkshakes with being soupy; it wasn’t a proper milkshake texture. After carrying this drink around with me for roughly three hours, I had consumed about 3/4 of it. I ended up not even finishing it, because of my frustration with getting peanut butter stuck in not only the straw, but also my teeth.

OVERALL SATISFACTION: 6/10  Maybe I’m an overly good sport when it comes to milkshakes. This was the first milkshake I couldn’t even finish, yet it still ranks above the half-way mark. It didn’t even have a real milkshake texture, but I still enjoyed it. When this shake was able to get up my straw, it was pretty satisfying. I’m a sucker (a ha) for the chocolate-peanut butter combination, so the flavor held up in my book.  Perhaps in this case the flavor won over the actual shake.

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2 Responses to The Milkshake Taste Test: Ben & Jerry’s

  1. Theresa says:

    I agree about the soupy texture. I got what I thought would be an amazing milkshake from the flavor The Tonight Dough (per the website “Caramel & Chocolate Ice Creams with Chocolate Cookie Swirls & Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Peanut Butter Cookie Dough”). They blended it to death and there was no complexity of flavor or texture. I was tempted to go back and get a proper scoop, since I don’t think I really got to appreciate the neat combination of flavors in the ice cream.

    In other news, it was great to see you. We should explore some other milkshake options soon.

    • Dazey2 says:

      Wow, total bummer that your shake was equally soupy. I’m pretty surprised since you had a chunky ice cream base. 😦

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