The Milkshake Taste Test: Holy Cow

In Del Ray, a cute little neighborhood that revolves around Mt. Vernon Ave., situated near the Braddock Rd. Metro and just north of Old Town Alexandria, is a highly praised burger joint by the name of Holy Cow. Holy Cow has been matched up against Good Stuff Eatery in a recent burger battle and I have been curious to go there to see how the place stacks up. Last night I ventured there between periods of the Caps vs. Rangers playoff game to snag a milkshake. I may not be able to compare their burgers to those at Good Stuff, but I could still try out the milkshakes.Holy Cow faired pretty fine in terms of the milkshakes. This restaurant may not boast the most amazing flavors, or the best bang for your buck, but if you’re looking for a tasty milkshake with the right consistency that’s easy to drink, you might as well try theirs. The shake menu isn’t anything fancy, although they do have some flavors that aren’t too typical and they even have a single alcoholic option for kicks. I had the Chocolate Marshmallow milkshake which although tasted more of chocolate than marshmallow, definitely wasn’t a poor choice.

VALUE: 6/10  The shakes differ in price-probably due to how special or unique the flavor is. With the most basic chocolate or vanilla shake costing less than $4, I’d say that’s a pretty fine deal. The alcoholic shake comes to just under $10 which might be a good deal, depending on the size and how much booze goes in. For a rough $5, most of the shakes aren’t going to burn a hole in your wallet, however, the size could be match up more appropriately…

SIZE: 5/10  Don’t you hate it when you are greeted with whatever food or drink you have ordered and you stare down at the portion, thinking, “That’s it??” That’s what I thought of the milkshake from Holy Cow. A tad on the dinky side, I figured that had my mouth not been wired shut, I would have been able to down that baby in a few minutes, and my frozen treat would be a fun figment of the past.

FLAVOR VARIETY: 5/10  Nothing too crazy at Holy Cow. In addition to the staples of chocolate and vanilla, they’ve got four other flavors one step above. If you exclude the alcoholic choice, it’s a pretty meager selection. Still, I applaud the menu for being chocolate-heavy on the options and leaving out ordinary Strawberry flavor.

DRINKABILITY: 9/10  If the only reason for deducting points is the straw choice the restaurant uses, then that’s really not so bad. Holy Cow serves their shakes with a massive straw that is usually paired for drinks like Bubble Tea. A cute idea to get their shakes as quickly into one’s mouth as possible: a bigger straw opening allowing for more shake at once. However, for someone whose jaw can’t open, such a big straw became an obstacle to maneuver into my mouth. I had to instead retrieve a regular soda straw and use that instead. Otherwise this shake had a perfectly delightful shake consistency: not too thick, and not too soupy. The Goldilocks of milkshakes would have been pleased.

OVERALL SATISFACTION: 7/10  The flavor was good. The size was on the smaller side. The shake was drinkable. Not the best, but not the worst. I’d go back, but not on an empty stomach.

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