The Milkshake Taste Test: Pop’s

King Street in Old Town Alexandria is perfectly charming. It’s got a healthy dose of history mixed in with boutiques and small businesses and little eateries. King St. is the ideal spot to sprout up an ice cream parlor. A parlor- not your ordinary ice cream shop. An ice cream parlor such as Pop’s is exactly what King St. beckons for: a cute step back in time to the spotless 50’s of Soda Jerks and sweet pursuit. Pop’s can be found on the last real block of King St. before you’re swimming in the Potomac River.

My Gingerbread shake from Pops.

My Gingerbread shake from Pop’s.

Yesterday evening I took a relaxing stroll down to King St. to scope out the milkshake scene. After checking into the Creamery across the street from Pop’s (which I found out only serves custard and thus does not do milkshakes), I settled on Pop’s. The last time I came here, I got ice cream that promptly fell off its cone the moment my tongue tried to push the dessert into my mouth. I was hoping for a better experience this time. I decided on a Gingerbread milkshake for a change of seasons, and was delighted with what I got…

VALUE: 7/10  I usually question a place that only offers one size of their products. Pop’s serves up their shakes as “one size fits all” for a cool $8. This tops as the most expensive shake so far.

SIZE: 7/10  I’m getting the feeling that whatever cup they served my shake in is becoming something like a “standard milkshake size.” It seemed to be similar in size to that of Ben & Jerry’s and Good Stuff Eatery’s Large. I’m not positive though.

FLAVOR VARIETY: 9/10  Pop’s has so many flavors and they all look delectable. However, in terms of flavors without mix-ins, the selection does become a bit limiting.


So many flavors and options!

DRINKABILITY: 10/10  This shake was mixed correctly. This parlor knows what they’re doing and it shows. I had no issues with my shake and it was in fact so drinkable, that I knew it would be over before I was ready for it to end.

OVERALL ENJOYMENT: 9.5/10  My biggest issue was the price. I don’t think it should have cost as much as it did, and yet I would still go back and get another shake because it was just that good. I couldn’t get enough of my Gingerbread shake and was almost sad with every slurp to see it go by so quickly. It was a bittersweet experience and I enjoyed every bit.

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