The Milkshake Taste Test: The Hamilton

I have been to The Hamilton, a restaurant and concert venue in Metro Center, D.C., a number of times, but it never occurred to me that this restaurant might also serve milkshakes. So when I did a quick search online for local milkshake-serving restaurants, I was excited that this place made the list. The Hamilton’s bar area closest to the main entrance has a cozy, older look and is a great place to saddle up for a milkshake.

Yesterday I settled myself into the bar for a milkshake. The Hamilton has a number of milkshakes and half of their shake menu is alcoholic milkshakes. Also to note- The Hamilton has a Toasted Marshmallow milkshake on their menu. I have only ever seen this at Good Stuff and I was tempted to try it to compare it to the “real deal”, but declined instead to get the more summery Piña Colada. At The Hamilton, presentation is everything. My milkshake was served in a tall, old-style glass mug. It made me feel a bit sophisticated to be enjoying a frilly dairy beverage alongside the line of business people drinking their more traditional bar drinks.

VALUE: 9/10  The non-alcoholic shakes  are all $7, which is decent considering the nice-ness of the restaurant. Alcoholic milkshakes are $13.50.

SIZE: 7/10  The size of the shakes is pretty standard. I was satisfied when I finished my portion. But it wasn’t huge either.

FLAVOR VARIETY: 7/10  The Hamilton serves up nine unique flavors and three additional alcoholic shakes. Some flavors include Chocolate Cookie Dough, Mocha, Dulce de Leche, and Chocolate Covered Banana. I enjoyed the creativity of the milkshake menu options.


DRINKABILITY: 7/10  The Piña Colada shake came topped with a dollop of whipped cream covered with coconut flakes that I wasn’t able to have, although in theory was a nice touch. Actually, a few of the coconut flakes got caught in my teeth which made the consumption tricky. (I’m pretty sure there are a few flakes which have now found themselves permanently lodged into my teeth/metal braces… or at least until I get these braces off.) About halfway through the shake, this whipped cream dollop had sunk down to the glass which made for a thick texture and stubborn drink. Whipped cream is not easily sucked through a straw. Also, like Holy Cow, The Hamilton served their shake with an over-sized straw. Besides looking out of place in the old timey glass mug, this is a straw that I have found I am unable to fit into my closed shut mouth. Luckily I was able to take a different regular straw but this wasn’t ideal.

OVERALL SATISFACTION: 8/10  I really liked the flavor of my shake and I give major points for the presentation. I could imagine the other flavors are equally enjoyable. The price was almost reasonable and the drink proved to be both fun and tasty to drink.

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