The Milkshake Taste Test: Haute Dog

If you ever find yourself in (North) Old Town and want a milkshake (or hot dog) off the beaten path, head on over to Haute Dog on Montgomery St. just off Washington St. I have been meaning to try this place for a while, though more so for their food, than drinks. However, when I found out that they serve milkshakes I was excited to try them out.

Last Friday I celebrated finishing my first full, uninterrupted week of work by treating myself to a milkshake at Haute Dog. I had been craving a cherry milkshake for some time, and was happy to see a Cherry Blossom flavor listed on the menu. Haute Dog features ice cream from Gifford’s which I know has a loyal fan base, so the shakes are already starting out right.

This shake looked innocent and good.

This shake looked innocent and good.

VALUE: 9/10  The shakes are one size and one price at $5.50. That’s on the more reasonably priced end and I can’t complain about that.

SIZE: 7/10 I’m lumping this shake into the “average shake size” category with Pop’s and Ben & Jerry’s. If there was a description for this size it would definitely be called Regular.

FLAVOR VARIETY: 5/10 Haute Dog listed 8 flavors, most of them being pretty standard. Their ice cream flavors were: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry (the usual suspects), Coffee, Mint Chip, Salted Caramel, Cherry Blossom, and Reese’s Cup. Out of those, only a handful would typically have chunky mix-in pieces, so the ratio of flavors I could have is favorable. However it also means the selection is rather boring.

DRINKABILITY: 5/10 When I think of a cherry milkshake, I imagine it being easy to drink. This was definitely not the case. Right away I got cherry pieces stuck in my teeth, which did not bode well for trying to drink this shake. Aside from the cherry pieces that kept surprising me. the rest of the shake leaned on the soupy side. Or, maybe it just got that way after holding it outside for too long. (I wouldn’t be holding it for so long though, if it were easier to drink!) It took me quite a while to drink this shake and when I eventually got home, I had to strain the remainder in order to fully enjoy it. There was a surprisingly large amount of cherry pieces. Even for someone without a broken jaw, I would imagine this becoming an obstacle to get into the straw.

FullSizeRender (5)

Ohhh, the horror of a strained milkshake!

OVERALL SATISFACTION: 7/10  The thing with this shake was that the cherry pieces did not come up the straw in a constant stream, so there were many moments when I was able to actually enjoy slurping it away. You could say that the cherry pieces not being as plentiful as they could have been was both a blessing and a curse- since I kept getting the pieces as unpleasant surprises. Otherwise, this shake sufficiently cured my lingering cherry shake craving.

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