The Milkshake Taste Test: Burger Tap & Shake

Yesterday I wrote about one of the two places I visited for my record two-milkshake dinner. Today I cover the second place. A couple blocks away from Bobby’s Burger Palace and just around the George Washington Circle in Foggy Bottom is Burger Tap & Shake (or BTS as the cool kids call it). I have been to BTS a number of times and have enjoyed their wide selection of burgers so I was looking forward to trying their milkshakes.

Since my first milkshake that night was on the smaller side, I was excited to have a second shake to round out my meal. I had only had an alcoholic milkshake here before and remembered enjoying that concoction. I had been interested for a while in trying a peanut butter milkshake so I opted for that flavor on my visit. As it turns out, a plain peanut butter shake is kind of a weird flavor. In my opinion, peanut butter as a flavor for a shake should be paired with chocolate… or jelly.

Peanut Butter (left) and Tart Cherry (right)

Peanut Butter (left) and Tart Cherry (right)

VALUE: 7/10  The shakes are all $5 (and $8 for the alcoholic “Shaketails”). I feel like five bucks for a milkshake is a pretty good deal. Not the best price, but a price I don’t mind forking (or spooning) over.

SIZE: 7/10  We are back to the standard milkshake size with BTS. I was hoping for something a tad larger, but alas, this is starting to become a rather predictable outcome.

FLAVOR VARIETY: 7/10 I’m going to be picky here. Although BTS has 11 shake flavors and 6 Shaketail flavors, which I would normally praise for being on the higher end, the non-alcoholic flavors are kind of on the disappointing side. First are the Standard Three: Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry. Ok. There’s also Black & White, which I can only describe as a creamier chocolate (since it is vanilla mixed with chocolate and thus, not much different from regular chocolate). Next are the flavors with chunks in them: Cookies & Cream and the BTS (Butterfinger, Twix, & Snickers). After that, what’s left is: Blueberry-Pomegranate (which sounds more like a smoothie), Double Espresso, Tart Cherry, and Peanut Butter. (BTS also lists Yuzu Green Tea on their website, but I don’t remember that being available on my visit.) Those last 3 flavors are interesting indeed, but not the best choices.

DRINKABILITY: 5/10  Like many other shakes I have gotten, this drink came with an oversized straw. Thankfully BTS also has regular-sized straws which I was more comfortably able to fit into my wired-shut jaw. This shake took a few hours to drink. I thought that Peanut Butter would be a safe flavor choice, but it turned out there was a large lump of un-mixed peanut butter in the drink. Now how do they think that’s drinkable?

OVERALL SATISFACTION: 5/10 Combined with the uneasily drinkable shake, the flavor was also just kind of odd. Don’t get me wrong- I am an enormous fan of peanut butter and could probably eat it by the jar-ful, but when mixed with milk and ice cream, the flavor felt kind of off-putting. Sadly, this is not a flavor I would get again. I was also a little disappointed that the size wasn’t bigger.

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