The Milkshake Taste Test (Beach Edition): The Ice Cream Store

It’s almost officially summer (next weekend is Memorial Day!) and it’s a lovely Friday afternoon and I don’t know about you but if I could, I would definitely be heading out to the beach this weekend. I have already been out to the Delaware beaches twice this year and have sampled some fine milkshakes out there. If you find yourself heading out to the beach and hankering for a milkshake, I can help point you in the right direction.

This must have been the off-season, because there is empty space where even more flavors would normally be displayed.

If you have ever strolled the boardwalk and main downtown street of Rehoboth Beach, you may be familiar with a certain ice cream shop one shop off the boardwalk. The Ice Cream Store is known for featuring wacky flavors such as Booger, Viagra, Stifler’s Mom, and Crack. In addition to the ice cream flavors, there are also flavored syrups and a sprinkles bar. Most of the flavors have pieces and chunks in it so I got a Nutella shake with Kalua syrup. Here’s how it stood up…


VALUE: 8/10  The milkshake was kind of pricey at $7.75 but when you consider that 1) there’s no sales tax in Delaware and 2) you can pretty much get any flavor imaginable, this isn’t such a bad price.

SIZE: 9/10  This was a really good size. This cup had a bubble top lid and the shake came part-way up the height of the lid, which is more than other places that have had this same cup top. You can tell that you’re getting more than the average milkshake.

FLAVOR VARIETY: 11/10  This one goes to 11! The Ice Cream Store has just so many flavors, it makes the experience a lot of fun. Anything you get will be good, too, because The Ice Cream Store specializes in… (yes-) ice cream. And even with a mouth wired shut, there were plenty of options that didn’t have chunks and bits in them.

DRINKABILITY:  10/10  This shake was mixed perfectly. It is served with a jumbo straw but I was able to get a regular sized straw, so that was not an issue. The shake required no extra effort to drink and the texture was how a shake should be.

OVERALL SATISFACTION: 10/10  I very much enjoyed this milkshake. The flavor combination was great and the size was just right. I could imagine going back many more times. This place is fun and delicious. Let’s face it-everything is better at the beach. A+

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