The Milkshake Taste Test (Beach Edition): Hopkins Farm Creamery

To continue my unique beach locations to get a milkshake, today I’m highlighting a farm on the drive to/from the Delaware beaches. Hopkins Farm Creamery is in Lewes, Delaware which neighbors Rehoboth- a favorite beach spot for many on the Eastern Shore. If you go to a dairy farm and they have an ice cream shop onsite, you should go. And chances are it will be a fun time for all. The Creamery has an ice cream stand/shop on their premises and in the summer months usually has a long line of people eagerly awaiting fresh, cold sweets. A bonus is that while waiting for your dairy treat you can head around the corner and see some of the dairy’s cows lounging around.

A few weeks ago I was returning from a weekend at the beach and stopped here for a different place to get a milkshake. The wait was tedious, but being able to watch the cows at the farm made the time pass by quicker. (When I went, one of the cows had started to give birth! And it was Mother’s Day which made the occasion so appropriate.) I was still in a tropical mood from being at the beach and ordered a banana shake…

VALUE: 10/10  The shakes a $5.75 (no tax) a pop and for a freshly made, local product, I’d say this is a pretty good deal.

SIZE: 10/10  The milkshake cups are pretty large, and since there’s only one size, this is a pretty good deal.


FLAVOR VARIETY: 9/10  The Creamery offers a surprisingly extensive list of flavors. I only wish more of the flavors did not have chunks in the ice cream, to make for an easier time drinking a milkshake through a straw with a wired-shut jaw.

So many flavors on the menu!

So many flavors on the menu!

DRINKABILITY: 9/10  The shake was a tad thick, but overall pretty easy to consume. The texture was not so thick that the drink could not be consumed in longer than an hour. Also, when I ordered the shake, I explained about my unique situation and the employee understood their “special instructions” to please blend the shake more than usual. You can see on the receipt that they really tried:



OVERALL SATISFACTION: 9/10  Overall, this was a great experience. The shake was quite large, the flavor was on point, it wasn’t too difficult to drink, AND I got to watch a cow start to give birth (which apparently is a very lengthy process)! Dinner and a show. I would definitely go back for a change of scenery and some cool treats.

Cows lounging around in the shade at the farm.

Cows lounging around in the shade at the farm.


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