The Milkshake Taste Test: Potbelly

Last Wednesday I got my wires cut on my broken jaw, which was one of the greatest feelings. While I was still limited to soft foods, I was finally able to open up and stretch my jaw after having it shut for a month. So to celebrate, I got a milkshake… naturally. I was recommended the milkshakes at Potbelly, so I decided to check out this sandwich chain.

Now that my mouth could open, I no longer had the restraint behind creating the Drinkability category, so I opted for an Oreo milkshake; a flavor I assumed would be chock full of little pieces of cookie. This is not to say however that this category no longer needs to exist. Milkshakes can still be more or less drinkable, but now that the situation has changed, this should be an easier way for milkshakes to gain points. I took a visit to the Potbelly located around the corner from the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C…

VALUE: 10/10  Potbelly ranks super high with the cheapest shakes around! The shakes are one price at a mere $2.90. I was very pleasantly surprised.

SIZE: 10/10  I was afraid that for such a low price, the size would match, but actually the cup is quite large and a great size for a milkshake.


FLAVOR VARIETY: 3/10  The flavor selection is extremely limiting, although Potbelly does offer a slightly different selection than your Standard Three (Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry). There are only four choices here: Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, and Oreo. I was at least expecting Strawberry and/or Peanut Butter -especially since they have a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.

FullSizeRender (3)

DRINKABILITY: 9/10  This shake was full of tiny Oreo pieces, which may not have even been an issue with a closed jaw because it was ground down so fine. The texture did get a little too frozen towards the end, which was difficult to drink up a straw. That would have been better suited for a spoon-ended straw/spoon. On a somewhat related note, all of the shakes come with two little sugar cookies on the straw. Apparently the Oreo shake comes with two Oreo cookies. I was unable to enjoy any of these cookies but for future visits, this little bonus is quite appealing.

OVERALL SATISFACTION:  10/10  I was so thrilled with the milkshake experience at Potbelly. The value is extremely good and the shake was blended very well. I really enjoyed the Oreos in my shake, especially since I could not have had this flavor beforehand. This might not be the place to go if you want a flavor other than what they offer, but if you are easily pleased or open to slightly less exciting flavor options, it is well worth it.

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