The Milkshake Taste Test: Dairy Queen

Ever since I learned that one of my good friends used to work summers at Dairy Queen, I have developed a sense of loyalty to the “DQ.” Dairy Queen is one of those chains that I am happy to pay a visit to and since I have been recently trying as many different places’ milkshakes, I knew a visit to this establishment was in the books. Thankfully I was finally able to go to one of the many locations a couple weekends ago. I ordered a Hot Fudge shake- a flavor I had not yet seen in my many milkshake visits elsewhere.

Now, I have only ever gotten a Blizzard from Dairy Queen. With so many flavor and add-in options, it’s difficult to ever get tired of these delicious frozen treats. This time would be different though. This time I would try one of DQ’s less popular cold treats- the milkshake.

FullSizeRender (6)

VALUE: 9/10  Milkshakes here come in three usual sizes. It costs $2.29 for a small; $2.59 for a medium; and $3.19 for a large. All of these prices are on the pleasantly low end. These are some totally doable prices.

SIZE: 7/10 I opted for a small, and yes, it was. I was a little disappointed that it was a tad too punitive, however. The other sizes looked like they were on the smaller side of things too, though while still being somewhat respectable especially for the inexpensive price.

FLAVOR VARIETY: 6/10  Dairy Queen offers The Standard Three (Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry) as well as Peanut Butter, Banana, Caramel, and Hot Fudge. I thought it was interesting that they offer hot fudge in addition to regular chocolate. My intrigue led me to try the more unique of the chocolate flavors. I only wished the flavors offered were as exciting as the Blizzard options.

DRINKABILITY: 10/10  Definitely drinkable. Dairy Queen did not disappoint. It was the ideal milkshake consistency. I was afraid that perhaps ordering a hot fudge shake would entail globs of goopy fudge sticking to the edges of the cup, not properly mixed in. But in fact, the hot fudge seemed to be its own flavor, with only hints of fudge remaining in the shake, rarely if ever coming up the straw.

OVERALL SATISFACTION: 9/10  Although I would have rather had a few more sips of my milkshake, I really enjoyed the shake. I thoroughly appreciated how the hot fudge flavor tasted significantly different from a standard chocolate shake. I only wished that there were more flavors offered. It was as if Dairy Queen’s Blizzard was the star of the show and the milkshake was the shy best friend who worked in backstage roles. Worth trying a chance at, but not as attention-garnering.

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