The Milkshake Taste Test: McDonald’s

When I set out to try as many different places’ milkshakes, I knew that there would come a day when it would be time to sample what a common fast food restaurant’s take on the shake would be. This was not particularly a milkshake I would be excited to try out, but for “journalism’s” sake, I decided to pursue all milkshakes I could: equal opportunity, if you will.

Conveniently enough for my blog, I found myself having lunch at a McDonalds over Memorial Day weekend. I can’t even remember the last time I ate at a McDonalds voluntarily and/or sober. The chain is typically not a place I have eaten at since my childhood. Nevertheless my opportunity had come for a true milkshake from “Mickey D’s” and I chose a strawberry shake to have.

FullSizeRender (8)

VALUE:  9/10  I ordered a large and it cost $3.40. I don’t remember the costs of a small or a medium.

SIZE: 9/10  This was a pretty decently size large.

FLAVOR VARIETY: 2/10  The only flavors offered are The Standard Three (Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry). On St. Patrick’s Day (which is not when I went) you can get lucky with a Shamrock Shake in addition.

DRINKABILITY: 10/10  It’s a good thing McDonalds knows how to mix a milkshake properly. I would imagine that they have served countless of these milkshakes.

OVERALL SATISFACTION: 6/10  Perhaps in the future I wouldn’t want to get a “strawberry” flavored shake. This flavor tasted way too artificial- almost like Pepto Bismol or the thick pink liquid prescription medicine that you can sometimes get. This flavor was too sweet, which is a feat I would imagine is difficult to achieve. Aside from the issues I had with the flavor, this shake was fine.

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