Baby Food Can Be Anyone’s Food

Back when my jaw was broken, and before/right after it was wired shut, my mouth was pretty sore and I could only eat soft and mushy foods. After a while, sticking to applesauce, yogurt, and cottage cheese got boring and repetitive, so I ventured into different territory: the wide world of baby food. Since I last discovered this unique food “group,” this wasn’t completely new, and remembered its merits.

So many options! Where to begin?

Baby food is great for many reasons, none of which pertain exclusively to babies. Baby food is incredibly portable- it either comes in adorable little jars (that you can save to re-use for other things!) or handy little plastic containers. It is also incredibly healthy, because you can trust anything marketed to babies for nutrition. But best of all, it tastes good. While taste buds to develop, in general they don’t change too much, and this food is engineered to be tasty. If it weren’t, babies would never eat it. (Not always true.)

I have been trying a number of different types of baby food, and while I don’t expect any of you to go right out and buy them all after reading this, I want to try to persuade others that baby food does not have to be just for babies. Even non-babies will enjoy these tiny foods too. Here are a few observations on some of the baby food I have tried recently:

Gerber Bananas / Peaches / Pears /Prunes: All of these are really good substitutes for the real thing. Have these cold. I even used all of these in smoothies when I had run out of the fresh fruit and I couldn’t tell the difference. Yummy!

Beef & Vegetable: I blended this into beef broth and was surprised that it stayed true to its flavor. It added more flavor to a simple soup and tasted pretty good. (I did not try this on its own.)

Chicken Noodle: This tastes too starchy and with its gloopy texture it doesn’t make for the most enjoyable meal. I don’t even think it could be saved by adding to actual chicken noodle soup. I had it warmed up, although the temperature did not help it from being anything more than kind of gross.

Peas: If you’ve ever enjoyed the British food: Mushy Peas, you’ll find this a good substitute. Similar flavor to pea soup, minus any traces of ham. This should probably be only served warm.

Carrots: This is on the sweeter side, almost like a sweet potato. I really like this. While I had this warm, I could imagine it still tasting good at room temperature, maybe even cold.

Squash / Sweet Potato: Both of these are consistent with the real food for flavor. Also easy to eat because actual food is kind of mushy. This is just like having a portable and easy to eat version of what it is based off of. I had this warm, though it could probably be ok cold.


Beech Nut- Spinach, Zucchini, & Quinoa: I kept tasting a starchy undertone that I felt tasted almost poultry-like. I guess that was the quinoa coming through. Otherwise I really enjoyed this easy way to get some green veggies in. I had it warm and although I tried it cold, it tasted better heated up.

Apple & Pumpkin: This is sweet, and unlike the others mentioned above, it is served good cold. I was surprised how well these flavors go together.


So go ahead, try some baby food. It does a body good!

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