ISO: A Museum Buddy

Last week a couple of my friends were discussing how they bonded: over going to museums together. At first this seemed like an amusing story of how some people had an unusual hole in their life that needed filling. But as it turns out, a museum buddy is actually an overlooked type of person that not enough people have in their life.

Let me explain: a Museum Buddy is someone you can go to museums with. It is someone who has similar interests with you. It is someone who walks at the same pace; who wants to go through museum exhibits at the same pace as you too. A Museum Buddy will always be there by your side attend galleries and exhibits when you want to go to a show, but don’t want to feel lonely or awkward by attending alone. A Museum Buddy is also a valuable person because you can discuss what you are seeing with them and share opinions or perhaps even have an educated argument. A Museum Buddy can help make an enjoyable experience also educating.

At first I scoffed at this idea. Many times I will go to a museum by myself because I enjoy my own company and don’t have to worry about going with someone who is bored or anxious with what I want to see or my pacing. But as I considered the pro’s of this concept, I warmed up to the notion. It occurred to me that although I have different types of friends who may fill different niches in my life, I am somehow missing a Museum Buddy. As someone who enjoys frequenting museums, I could definitely imagine having a friend like this.

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