An Order Of Dressiness

Springtime rings in the year with many occasions to celebrate: graduations, the beginning of Wedding Season, and other galas and parties. Now that we are about to head into Summer, I would like to provide a guide to how dressed up one should be given the occasion. Below is a list I have compiled based on many basic events that would invite different levels of dressiness. The list starts at the top with the more casual attire and ends with what I could envision as the most fancy wear:

Daytime outing:

The least dressed up.

Non-office job
Out to dinner
Night-time outing
Standard office job
Evening at the theater
Cocktail party
Night-time wedding

Opera wear: the most formal of them all.

I have created this guide instead of adhering to the terminology many of us have come to use such as “formal,” “semi-formal,” and “casual,” which are often confusing and non-descript. Now, you can equate whatever event you are attending with the level of formality of dress. Of course, not all rankings of this example pertain to everyone, but this could give a good idea of the different types of fashion per occasion.

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