Logo Look-alikes

A few months ago I remember seeing a commercial for a new type of medicine for Type 2 Diabetes. Like the slew of so many prescription medicine commercials, I did not pay much attention to the couple minutes of advertising. But when I noticed the logo the company used, I felt as though I had already seen it before:I was focusing on the pattern of interlocking rounded squares. The squares were all different colors and formed an almost diagonal grouping. It looked so familiar. And then it hit me that the Farxiga logo looked oddly reminiscent of the logo for the branding of The Bahamas:

Upon further research, it turns out the Bahamas logo was designed in 2005 by artist, Joe Duffy, Sr.  Mr. Duffy who is from Minneapolis and works for AIGA, has also designed the packaging for Knob Creek bourbon which in my opinion is one of the most visually interesting liquor bottle labels that I have seen.

Just a little Graphic Design lesson for today!


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