Watching Out

This morning on the bus into work, a lady across from me was showing off her spiffy new Apple Watch to the riders next to her. While owning an Apple Watch for myself, is not something I would fancy, it did remind me that I am in fact looking for a new watch to replace the one I currently have.

My current watch is awesome. At first glance it looks like a bracelet: a large, metal bangle. Upon further investigation, you can actually see that there is a small digital clock screen on the top. It looks stylish dressed down or gussied up. I am on my second version of this watch, probably owning this watch for maybe a decade. It’s tough, it’s durable, the fashion stands up through time. Plus, I frequently get compliments on how unique it is.

My current watch.

My current watch.

So why would I want something new? The problem is this watch is heavy. Like, significantly heavy. And I have been taking the watch off more frequently lately to give my rest my wrist. Also, in the warmer months, the weight and bulk of this watch gets quite noticeable. I have also been lately having an issue with the closure- something I got fixed a few months ago. Whatever was fixed didn’t work 100% because my watch will sometimes randomly come unclasped and fall off.

A peek into the internet brings a wild assortment of doable options. Although not necessarily affordable or versatile, some watches are just too cool not to share. Here are a few watches that are especially cool for ideas…

Digital Hourglass Stopwatch Tells Time in Sand Pixels

A “DIY” paper watch that looks cool even undecorated.


Too Late Aurora watch that glows in the dark!


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